It’s time to erase the line between humans and machines.


Bergh's Festival 2023 centers around the concept of Artificial Intelligence and explores its role as a valuable tool for our work processes. Throughout the festival, attendees will have the opportunity to witness AI in action by engaging with graduating students' exam projects, attending talks by inspiring speakers, enjoying captivating performances by artists, and encountering AI in diverse manifestations.

House of AI - A two-day festival that unlocks the realm of AI and explores the future, emphasizing the harmonious coexistence of AI and humanity, harnessing each other's unique capabilities. Our visual identity draws inspiration from the tech aesthetics of the 90s, evoking the nostalgia and initial skepticism that accompanied the internet's debut, mirroring the sentiments surrounding AI today.


Design: Charlotte Källström, Noa Carle
Art Director: Charlotte Källström, Noa Carle, Alva Saveby
Copywriter: Peyvand Ahmedi
Production Managment: Clara-Corina Imre, Linn Berghagen Nilsson
Public Relations: William Andersson
Public Relations: Li Wall
Strategic Communication: Stella Nylén
Strategy and UX: Julia Löfqvist
Growth Marketing: Antonia Rösch, Emma Schlyter